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Welcome To
Peaches and Cheek


The One-Stop Shop For
All Your Marketing and Copy Needs!

Bringing Sass, Strategy, and Copywriting together to kick your business problems in the 🍑!



You're A Rockstar

At What You Do!


Seriously, you need to hear it because sometimes we get a little caught up trying to do #allthethings, that we forget what makes us amazing. 

But instead of burning out trying to do it all on your own or having a half-assed strategy that's not getting you the results you deserve, you can hire me and my team of Cheeky Ninjas to help you out!


Get back to why you started your business in the first place! My team of Cheeky Ninjas will jump into action lightning fast to relieve that overwhelm and get you back on track!

Coaching Services.png

Sometimes you just gotta DIY it...

But copywriting and strategy isn't exactly something you can pick up from a Youtube Video and call it good.


That's where my Coaching Services come in. Get everything you need to create killer copy or implement sensational strategies that you will be able to use over and over again!

Our Cheeky Services
Cheeky Copywriter Peach.png
Cheeky Copywriter Peach.png

When you need more than DIY...

 Either the do-it-yourself attitude has got you burnt out or you've just decided to break out the big guns. 

(💪 Welcome to the Gun Show 💪) 

Our done for you business services can kick those business problems in the 🍑.

From copywriting to full-on marketing support, if you can dream it, the gun shows got something that can help!


Okay so maybe DIY is still a little too labor-intensive...

But you're not ready for the Gun Show Yet...

(We get it, our 💪's are pretty intimidating)

Instead, let's pick your product!

This A La Cart style service lets you choose the perfect products for your business, it's as easy as clicking what you need, entering in a few deets and we go into sassy copywriting ninja mode!

Creating your perfect product quickly and easily!

The Cheeky Ads Agency Logo.png

Don't Forget to Check Out

Peaches and Cheek Marketing has decided to offer a full suite of Ads Support with The Cheeky Ad's Agency.

Where we combine our expertise in Ads, Copy, and all things marketing to bring you killer ad's strategies that will have your competition begging to know your secret!

Let Us Help You!

Just like we've helped these happy customers!




- Amanda Tonin, OBM

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