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We can all use a little coaching sometimes!

Running a business is hard! I get, there's so much to learn and do that some days it can feel like your running in circles trying to learn how to do it all!

It can be exhausting and confusing figuring out which activities are moving the needle in your business, which ones need to be improved, and which ones are just a waste of time.

Not to mention landing those clients and learning all the little back-end things we don't even realize we need until it's too late!

So instead of struggling and floundering, sign up for coaching with the cheeky copywriter! This monthly coaching package allows you to meet with me on a weekly basis to get your questions answered and keep your business moving in the right direction!

Let me teach you the skills you need to kick your business problems in the 🍑

It's time to stop struggling so let's get you on a coaching call and help you turn it all around!



One on One Coaching

Monthly Coaching includes:


Weekly Coaching Calls


Monthly Goal Setting Call



  • All things business

  • Setting Goals

  • Keeping you accountable

  • Giving you Motivation and Support



  • Weekly One on One Coaching Calls to learn new skills and get your questions answered

  • Google Documents that we will keep updated with everything for your business

  • Recordings of the calls

  • Unlimited Voxer/ Slack Access to me




Monthly SM Content Plan:

  • Outlining a monthly social media plan for you to follow to ensure you stay on track with your business marketing. outreach/ lead generation



Starting @ $1,000 Per Month

Ready to Learn More?

Let's book a call to see if were a perfect fit!

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