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Do I really need a Freebie...

I know, I know, Everyone thinks of it as the holy grail of social media marketing!

But then you think to yourself do you really need it?

I'm sure just reading the word alone you can already hear your coaches or mentors yelling at you inside your head,

“You need to make a FREEBIE!!”

“Where’s your FREEBIE?”

“What do you mean you don’t have a FREEBIE?!”

Sound familiar?

We have all heard it and while we may want to avoid it...

Unfortunately, freebies are needed.

But fortunately for you, you’re not only going to hear why but uncover how to know if people will even want it.

Because making a freebie is only half the battle…

(If you’ve made one before you know exactly what I’m getting at…)

And if you haven’t made one YET…

Imagine this-

After giving in to all the heat to make one, you finaaaally get around to it, you slave over it, you pour your energy into it, you gleam with excitement when it’s done and you’re ready to show it off to the world.

It’s surely an A++!


You’re frustrated AF.

It’s like having that surge when you’re about to make a goal, the fans are standing, you have a clean shot, and somehow, you totally miss the net.


Your cheeks go red.

The crowd goes silent.

You’re ready to throw your stick into the garbage.

So... stick around (no pun intended) because we’re diving into why you need a freebie and how to avoid that ever happening to you,

(OR from happening again!)


(Yes, believe me, you do).

  • A freebie is an excellent way to grow your email list

  • A way to show off your expertise

  • Give a glimpse of what you know

  • “Aggravate” the problem just enough to leave them wanting more

  • Give your audience an easy win or key takeaway from what you’re sharing

  • An opportunity to pivot to your paid offer/full services and how they can opt-in

Your freebie is as much of a great offer for your target audience as it is for you.

But how do we know people will want it before we spend the time and energy making one?

  • TEST THE IDEA and ask your audience.

Create a post or a poll asking what topics they would like to know more about or what would they like the solution to.

Now you can craft a freebie tailored exactly to what your ideal clients are telling you they want!

Not only that, you’ll find out who is interested in your freebie before you even make it, based on who responds to your post/poll.


Now you have a freebie idea people need and want. There’s a demand for it before it even exists.


Promote the heck out of it.

  • Make social media posts on your personal page and feed

  • Talk about your freebie in your stories

  • Create polls asking who would like a copy

  • Add the opt-in link to your bio/profile for people to easily access

  • Send out an email to your subscribers announcing your freebie

  • Do a 2 step post inside FB promotional groups

Now that you know WHY you need freebies you still may be asking yourself HOW do I even go about making one.

Whether you feel like a deer caught in the headlights and would like help crafting a freebie or even have a freebie created for you, check out some of our signature coaching programs!

We can help you through the process so it’s not painstakingly unbearable but a great marketing experience that yields you results!

Instead of feeling like a beggar holding up a sign on a street corner asking for someone to take your freebie, you can feel like a superstar with how many new subscribers will overflow into your email list...

To learn more about how our team can help, click the button below to book your free discovery call!

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