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So What's Organic Marketing Anyway?

Updated: May 13, 2021

If you've been in the online space for any amount of time you've definitely come across organic marketing at some point in time and theres a very good chance you have used it yourself.

It may seem fairly straight forward and simple when I explain what organic marketing is but the execution and possibilities for marketing are endless and can be anything but simple!

Have you ever posted about your business on your FB page? Maybe you have a Business IG account? Or maybe you have posted in a FB group trying to promote your business in some way? Yup, you guess it those are all organic marketing tactics. And when done correctly they are accompanied by strategies that can untrue your audience, grow your reach and fill your pipeline! All without spending a dime on ads!

What?!? Pretty amazing right? The power of organic marketing using the various social media outlets at our disposal puts us in prime position to reach a multitude of businesses and people who could benefit from our services.

So while organic marketing may seem straight forward, like "I'll just makes some post on my social media accounts and boom I'll be reaching 1000s of people in no time!" There is actually a lot of strategy and planning that goes into affective social media accounts.

You don't think big name companies like Target or Nike just wing it when it comes to their social media do you? Of course not! They pay (and big bucks mind you) for marketing so they can get the most reach and impact possible because they understand the power of social media!

So how do you harness that power for your own business? You take the time to plan out your content and utilize targeted strategies that get your content in front of your ideal clients, and pair it with really compelling messaging and amazing copy. All of this with a consistent and strategically published content and engagement will have you seeing amazing results on your social media accounts and in your business in no time!

Want to learn more about how you up your Organic Marketing game for your business?

Contact us today and let myself and my team of cheeky ninjas

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