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To Use Copy or Not To Use Copy… For Your Business Blog? That is the question!

When your setting up a blog for your business there are so many factors that you need to consider if you want to make it a success! Where going to look at the different factors you need to consider when setting up a blog for your business and weigh out the options of hiring a copywriter to produce your blog as opposed to a content writer.

To start let's cover quickly the difference between a copywriter and a content writer. One should not be confused for the other as their skill sets can vary greatly! A content writer is who you want to go to when you are just looking to convey information in a well written manner. This makes them a great options for blogs and of course they tend to be more inexpensive then a copywriter. But if you are looking to sell something or you have a desired action you wish for you audience to take then a copywriter may be the better option. Copywriters are trained in a very specific style of writing meant to resonate with the readers trying to be reached and make them feel as if they are being spoke too. Giving them a connection to the writing with the goal being to nudge them into taking a specific action.

So you'll have to decide what the purpose of your blog is going to be, just to inform or would you like to use it as a gateway for something more in your business. Either way making these decisions will help you decide who the best person to hire will be.

Now as for the next steps for setting up your blog, not only do you have to know what you are going to blog about but you should also make sure your content is relevant to your audience and your business. These are important decisions that you have to make if you want your blog to be successful. If you own a marketing business then your probably not going to want to blog about InstaPot Recipies or the best places to get your nails done. Though these may be topics your ideal client is interested in, they are also going to be confused if they land on your marketing website and find a blog related to nails and food.

Instead you'll want to blog about topics that are not only relevant to your audience but also to your business and your goals. Use this space as a place to showcase your businesses skills and knowledge. Teach your audience new things that they are going to care about, give them guidance and support so you become the source of information that they want to turn to when they need help. This is all to set yourself up as the expert so that when your ideal client is ready to hire. They know exactly who they are going to reach out to!

The business that has been there guiding them and giving them relevant information they need. Ya know kind of like me and my team of cheeky ninjas! Always there in the background waiting to spring into action when needed.

So if you need help writing your blog, establishing your marketing, creating a website, whatever your needs then reach out today and let's set up a chat. We would love to show you how our cheeky skills can be put to great use for you and your business.

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