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What’s A 2 Step Post Anyway?

Nobody wants to be sold to while they’re hanging out on social media.

But you want it to be easy for people to buy from you on the internet.

How do we tackle both??

With a 2-step post of course!

A 2 step process is a way of easing the potential lead into the process of ultimately handing over their contact information or credit card.

Step 1:

The first step is when you go and post in a group for example, with the intention of getting your target market to comment and interact with the post.

Your intention is to ask a question that’s going to get them to engage and potentially join or sign up for a freebie/webinar/Masterclass, etc and essentially try to drive them to the specific call to action.

Step 2:

The second step is simple. You then direct them to sign up for that freebie or buy your paid Masterclass, webinar (refer to your CTA). Since they’ve already shown an interest, you are not pushing them to a free or paid offer that they don’t want.

Why use a 2 Step Post?

They're a great organic method to get people engaging, especially if you’re doing a lot of posting in Facebook groups or on your personal profile. You want to try and get leads to reach out without you having to actively search for prospects, like by friend requesting and cold messaging (which really nobody likes, am I right?!)

How to make a 2 Step Post work:

Ask a question that spikes curiosity to where they are interested in your offer. They will then be tempted to comment on it.

Also, make sure your call to action is clear so they act in the manner you’re hoping for.


Why do we love 2 Step Posts?

It’s a great way to sell things (without the use of paid ads) such as a Masterclass or use a freebie to build your email list. It’s also a great strategy for getting people to opt into things without sounding salesy.

If you’d like help developing a two-step process or marketing strategy for your business then reach out today and let’s chat about how we can help you!

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