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So, You need even more options, and we STILL get it! 

This package will give you so many options, your Ad manager won't know what to do with themselves!  

you'll still get your hooks, your long & short forms along with a CTA.  You'll just a ridiculous amount of options to test out

Facebook Ads-12

    • Copy for 12 Ads
    • CTA
    • Up to 2 Rewrites/ Edits of produced work
    • Duel Editing Process
    • The editing process includes my detailed editing and proofing process as well as the client feedback process during the production of the work.
    • I have found between these two features clients are given ample time to review and make sure the copy is fully optimized to their standards. 
    • As we continue working together I will have a better sense of your style and less review is typically needed.
    • Brand Voice Usage 
    • Brand Clarity
    • Messaging Clarity
    • Infusion of Business Ideals
    • Optimization for Target Clients
    • Research For Proper Targeting and Conversion
    • Timeline for completion between 2-4 weeks
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