Do you want to sell that thing, or launch that project? 

This is exactly what you need to get that done! When you purchase the sales email sequence, you're getting a teaem of ninjas to work on priming your audience, and addressing the problem that your product solves, while you're off working on your masterpiece. 

Sales Email Sequence

    • Copy for Sales Email Sequence 
    • CTA
    • Up to 2 Rewrites/ Edits of produced work
    • Duel Editing Process
    • The editing process includes my detailed editing and proofing process as well as the client feedback process during the production of the work.
    • I have found between these two features clients are given ample time to review and make sure the copy is fully optimized to their standards. 
    • As we continue working together I will have a better sense of your style and less review is typically needed.
    • Brand Voice Usage 
    • Brand Clarity
    • Messaging Clarity
    • Infusion of Business Ideals
    • Optimization for Target Clients
    • Research For Proper Targeting and Conversion
    • Timeline for completion between 2-4 weeks