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Ready to create some Copywriter Quality Copy?

Writing copy that converts is no easy feat!

Believe me, I get it! But on the flip side, not every business can afford to hire a copywriter for every little thing in their business...

So what's a bada** business owner to do?

Give it the good ol' college try? Try and Youtube it? or Cough up the dough every time you need a little bit of copy?

Thank goodness there's another way now!

And you guessed it! It's my VIP Copy Intensive!

Were going to dive into all things messaging and your ideal client so you get the exact formula I use for taking that ideal client work and turning it into messaging that resonates and copy that converts!

Not to mention you'll walk away with some amazing messaging and copy strategies that you can start implementing in your business the same day!

You'll be able to use your newfound skills to kick your business problems in the 🍑 with copy your biz friends are going to be totally jealous of!


What's Included in 

VIP Copy Intensive:

1 - Half Day intensive (Approx. 4 hours)


  • Ideal Client Targeting

  • Messaging Ideas

  • The why behind the decisions

  • The process behind turning Ideal client work into messaging that converts


  • One on One Call

  • Multi- Page Google Document for you to keep

  • Recording of the call

Need to Learn More?

Click the button below to book a call and see if VIP Days are the right option for you!

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