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This is what some of my customers have to say! (No idea why they all seem to like my crazy but hey I'm not complaining)
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Morgan has been a godsend. I was struggling so hard on getting the copy down for my website because honestly I'm terrible with words. And then I met Morgan!! She talked to me, checked out my website and other social to get my style and created an amazing piece of writing that speaks for me so much better then I could for myself. I cannot wait to work Morgan on future projects.


-Amanda Cross Owner,


So Fetch Social 

Mom On A Mission

Morgan has been such a help with my blog. I had an idea and a mission to help parents going through what I have been through but I was having a hard time organizing my thoughts. My voice and direction were unclear, but after sitting down with Morgan she has helped me find my direction, define my audience and helps me turn my ideas into blog posts to help others. Her help has been invaluable and I look forward to working with her in the future to help my blog grow and reach those readers who can benefit the most from my story. 

-M.O.M. ,


Elisa Ricaprente-Meidenbauer

Morgan is very easy to work with, she could easily put my words together effectively. She also provides insights and advice which I like. She did a great job. I’m thankful I found her. I’ll recommend her to my team!

-Elisa Ricaprente-Meidenbauer


Jordan Goodman

Very pleased with the blog that Morgan wrote for my Money Answers site. We gave her a subject, basic directions about what to write about and what to include, and a deadline. Morgan ran with the topic and delivered her work on time and on subject. She was flexible and responsive during the editing process. One of the things I value most about working with Morgan was her insistence on crediting sources and not plagiarizing, critically important elements for any business.   



Morgan helped take my mountain of brain-dumped ideas and organize them into the beginnings of a great mission statement. I appreciated her question prompts and ability to distill a whole lot of thoughts into the essential nitty-gritty. I'd definitely work with Morgan again!

-Katherine Ferranti

Katherine Ferranti


Morgan helped me present my work and my course in a natural and deep way. She found expressions and words that really communicated what I wanted to say to my customers. In her writing, I felt she described my aim in an accurate and personal way. Her work meant a lot to me, and I really felt understood and supported during the whole process. The text was narrowed down to the vital message in a short and sweet way, that reflect me and what I do. Something I felt comfortable in and proud to show. She has a very warm way of making you feel that she is now in charge of your problem. Her work is timely too. I sincerely recommend her. 


-Susanna del Carmen,


Susanna Del Carmen

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