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What’s The Big Deal With Branding Anyway?

Without branding, you pretty much look like a hot mess, Harriet! When you look at Pepsi, Apple, and Nike, you’re not just buying their product. You’re buying an experience! It's what sets you apart from other businesses, giving your clients an experience they want to buy into and giving them the confidence to feel like they are working with a professional.

So what does it take for your branding to be successful? Let’s check out the keys to successful branding.

The Experience

It is all about how you want your clients to feel when using your product or working with you. Take Apple, for example; they have developed their brand around being luxury, around the idea that having an Apple product is exceptional and unique. It almost makes it like a club that everyone wants to join.

The same applies to your product or service. You have to decide what unique feeling or experience you want your clients to have. These decisions can be the starting point for creating a successful brand.


Consistency is key when it comes to branding, without consistent branding across all your platforms and various places your marketing you can present a jumbled and inconsistent front to your clients. Often leaving them confused, wondering if they are actually in the right place when your instagram account is completely different from your website.

Trust me inconsistency is one of the easiest ways to lose clients! People hate feeling confused or uncomfortable and if they land on a website that doesn’t feel like it's the same company as the instagram they were just on they are going to click off and find something less confusing as opposed to staying and trying to figure it out.

No one wants to spend brain power wondering if they are in the right place! So let’s get our sh*t together and make that branding consistent.


Colors might seem like no biggie but in reality all the major brands and businesses choose their colors with great care! Take Target for example (my all time favorite store) they choose their red color for a reason, red reminds us of red tags and big sales, invoking that feeling of shopping sales. Facebook didn’t just pick blue out of a hat! Blue invokes feelings of trustworthiness trying to put people at ease to share about themselves on the platform in a safe and fun way.

Both of these major companies took the time and did a lot of market research to choose the colors for their branding that would resonate most with their business and the feeling they wanted to convey to their customers. So why wouldn’t you take just as much time to figure out the colors that will best convey your marketing message?

Make it Memorable

I am going to use my cheeky ninja’s to kick your business problems in the butt… Yup I said it! Haha but let’s be honest there's something about it that's memorable. I literally will have people go “OHMG you're that copywriter who has ninjas and peaches right?!?” to which I answer “Um, F*ck Yes that would be mwah!”

But the point is I am memorable! I have taken the time and put thought into my branding and messaging so that I stand out from the crowd and people can remember me. Being remembered when someone is in need of your services is half the battle.

Increase Your Business Value

Um, yup that's actually a thing. You 100% increase your business’s value by having great branding. “How does that work?” you may ask. Let me lay out some examples for you.

More Professional Look = More Professional Prices (Meaning more money for you)

More Memorable = More Likely To Come Back (Meaning repeat business)

Customers Loved the Experience = More Likely To Tell Friends (Means more business)

And these are just a few ways branding can help your business but I hope you can already see how these can increase the income coming into your business adding even more value to what you already have.

Now if you need some help implementing or creating branding for your business then be sure to reach out today, my cheeky ninja’s are always standing by, ready to jump into action and help you kick this particular business problem in the butt so you can start rocking bada** branding that your ideal clients will love!

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